Business Development

You want sustainable growth. We analyse with you the market and customer demands, identify the best opportunities and define with you the strategic targets. We are your partner during the implementation and secure the realisation of the mutually set operational goals. This locally as well as international.

General Management

We help you with the succession planning, can act on your demand as interim General Manager, yet we can take place in your advisory board. The definition and implementation of the balance scorecard ensure an efficiant and clear steering of your company.

Innovation Management

You want to increase the success rate of your  innovation projects. The focus of the projects on the real customer needs and an efficient & effective coordination of R&D and Marketing is as essential, as the early generation of the marketing plan. We are the ideal partner to increase your profit and to surprise competition.

Cost Optimisation & Turnaround

Your markets go through radical change and your company has to adapt. We are looking for solutions which can be quickly implemanted and secure as well long-term competitiveness.

Change Management

Satisfied employees create satisfied customers. This is proven in a lot of studies, but also part of our business experience. The focus of the employees on the real customer demands is the essential topic. We ensure that your company focuses on the real customer needs and as a result encreases customer satisfaction and your profit.


You look for a partner for your projects in sourcing & logistics or customer negociations. We are this partner and set together with you the priorities. The implementation will be done mutually and though secure the success.